How Forrester Featured my Customer Health Score Formula

In August 16th 2017, Forrester Research published an official report titled: “How To Build A Viable B2B Customer Health Assessment”


In this Report, Forrester selected two formulas among a list of these companies

  1. Adobe
  2. Alfresco Software
  3. BMC Software
  4. ChurnZero
  5. Cisco Systems
  6. Customer Success Association
  7. Pro
  8. An education software maker
  9. eSpatial
  10. FDB (First Databank)
  11. Gainsight
  12. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  13. IBM
  14. Infogix
  15. Kahuna
  16. Okta
  17. RainKing
  18. A recruiting software vendor
  19. reDock
  20. ServiceSource
  21. Shift Health
  22. Totango
  23. Workbooks
  24. Zycus

Among these 24 companies, two companies were selected by Forrester team as “best examples” of customer health assessment

The first one of these two assessments is the one I created for my current employer

I captured the screen shots that feature my formula from this Forrester Report

  • The first one explains the formula in broad explanation
  • The second one features the three color coding criteria


I posted my formula in a previous post, it can be viewed here

For readers who are interested in downloading this Forrester report, it can be accessed here.





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