Forrester Research to officially feature my Customer Success Formula


As per my previous post, I had a very interesting conversation with two senior analysts at Forrester Research over a trending topic now around customer success which is the Customer health/Success Formula

In the past, we have seen a lot of efforts on sales and sales increments, and on the other side magnificent innovations on service quality and customer care enhancements occurrences


The real challenge I saw among many WW top notched organizations is that the two directions do not go synchronously together, where multiple organizations celebrate sales numbers without paying the same amount of attention to customer relationship innovation or quality improvements. Same goes with the other side of the river, where multiple organizations (especially SMBs) do the larger side of the effort on the customer experience and quality without fueling it with much sales to generate the aspired for revenues

What I see is unique in my Customer Success Formula is that it binds both worlds in one simple vision that can be used by CxOs to making sure the overall situation is visible, monitored and well enriched

I will share the official slide from Forrester Research featuring my formula as soon as it becomes public


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