Your customer satisfaction is more important than your revenue!

“The Sales rep is always the gate opener, but the Customer Success Rep is the only gate keeper!”

Why? How?

Here are the main points that I need to discuss about that

  • Why customer experience is the most important aspect to consider

Because simply, a bad experience will kill any sales achievements, bad product quality can even be fixed if the right support and adequate customer success process is in place

The attention to customer experience touches all aspects of the business; this should be part of all organizational strategy

  • The trap of overselling!

Selling and overachieving is amazing! And the only way to continue with this achievement is to focus on customer experience, the trap here is that many organizations celebrate sales numbers too early without putting enough investment to growing the customer success organization, which unfortunately is main reasons for sales numbers to decline later on!


Concept: Successful business trend. Happy talented businesswoman

  • How CSM can do that?

Main strategic themes for a successful customer experience strategy start with C the customer!, I call it the 5C Model

  • Cognition: Knowing, learning and analyzing everything about the customer, deep cognition warrants long-term retention!
  • Centricity: The CSM should put the customer in the center of every activity being made, this should be very comprehensive yet expandable, a more successful CSM takes customer needs to new dimensions!
  • Continuity: The core importance of the CSM role is the continuity, the customer should always be engaged, helped and from time to time mabye challenged!
  • Continues improvement: putting proper customer feedback mechanisms, agile actions to feedbacks and promoting new ideas
  • Co-working: CSM should be interlocked with all other functions inside the organization; a methodology should warrant that without encountering any conflict of interests!
  • Innovation stills the ultimate key!

Ye,s it is still and will always be the ultimate key for any product or service to start and grow, innovation patterns are unlimited same as customer needs!!

For already established business, Shifting from a sales oriented to customer oriented  strategy is the only wayout from the “oversales” dilemma! If your company suffers from this, invest in the CSM organization!

Published by Moe Nada

I love what I do and I believe in human power that can passionately create miracles with the right affiliation and genuine thrive for accomplishment. My top excitement is always around startup businesses, I am always open to discuss any topic related to startups. I am a highly passionate technology professional with more than 15 years in the industry with distinguished record of key accounts management, customer success, customer support, program management, IT Service Management, knowledge management, people coaching, IT strategy management, mentoring and team building, with many reportedly transformational customer success stories.

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