Face to face meetings and group performance

I had a nice chance last week of meeting more than 40 team members of my organization in a beautiful meeting facility in Germany, for continuous 5 days we have talked, laughed, worked and shared a lot of insights, then at the last day we checked hands wishing to see each other again next year or may be later!

Working with people who are distributed around the globe makes it so difficult to have everyone under one ceiling, the feeling of having such gatherings is always different than any virtual meetings and the outcomes of such gatherings worth more than its cost!


Clarity of Direction

For technology industry, change is the name of the game!, the rate of change in this industry is higher than any other, that is not too bad in sense of expansion and business growth.

However, with this continuous changes, people sometimes loose direction, feel dispersion and slow in following industry dynamics.

One of the most tasks of any manager is always to keep the focus and maintain clarity within teams, that is not only applicable for tech industry but for any other fields as well, nevertheless, within the tech industry the effort is higher!

Working on large geographical regions could be a challenge for leaders to infuse the right sense of direction and clarity, even with video and audio capabilities nothing can beat face to face communication!…yet!

Having one team in one real room definitely makes is a lot easier to foster and maintain the right sense of direction thus to have everyone copied with the what the whole organizations goals are with much clearer message




Accelerating performance

One of the fantastic benefits of team face to face meeting is having the right feeling of motivation within everyone, people came from different geographic areas to sit in one room together the get the right sense of alignment and engagement

Clarity of goals is one key value, followed by  having the right fuel to energize achieving these goals should assure proper performances

Performance of any human being is subjected to lows and highs, the key of successful teams is to keep and maintain high level of performance within teams, each one is different than the other and that is normal, however, having everyone in one place to deliver clear message can make people more motivated than anything else

For any leader, the most important aspect is to keep people motivated, motivation could be the most important ingredient to embrace and accelerate performance, having such physical meetings assures right acceleration to the common one team direction!



Discover talents

People have always different and sophisticated types of talents, singularity is very good sometimes to embrace innovation, also team work has outstanding benefits to leverage ideas and overall performance

However, in a lot of cases, people talents are only visible to management in such meetings, good speakers, innovative thinkers, thought members active listeners, or even quite and high performers, seeing and feeling the presence of the team will make it visible to managers and leaders to discover talents, ensure everyone is in the right place. This can help in any future realignments to match each one’s goals and talents, so a leader can identify who needs more training, who needs less supervision, who needs higher attention, and a lot of more of discoveries!

Ideally, all organization behaviors scientists agreed on diversity importance, thus not to fall in one single culture dominance which might inhibit other strong team values. Making sure of having such diversity in place will in return make people more eager to speak, interact thus to innovate

Talents that emerge in team meetings are essential for any leader to acknowledge and be aware of thus to be considered for any current or future changes



Leverage team spirit

Sense of belonging! company citizenship! the manifestation of all these concepts are outcomes of many factors, having face to face team meetings is definitely one of them, the effect of positive team spirit has been always tied to high performance and job satisfaction




Team buildings, face to face meetings or common group activities are always important for any successful team, the value reaches areas beyond normal business purposes where human talents can embrace, collaborate and bond like no other kind of meetings


Published by Moe Nada

I love what I do and I believe in human power that can passionately create miracles with the right affiliation and genuine thrive for accomplishment. My top excitement is always around startup businesses, I am always open to discuss any topic related to startups. I am a highly passionate technology professional with more than 15 years in the industry with distinguished record of key accounts management, customer success, customer support, program management, IT Service Management, knowledge management, people coaching, IT strategy management, mentoring and team building, with many reportedly transformational customer success stories.

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