Cloud vs virtualization

The concept of Cloud is yet still unclear to many people I work with, we are in 2013 now and the hype of the cloud is everywhere already. However, I still find myself in discussions about the differences of between cloud, Automation, virtualization..etc



I want to briefly define each of that in points the way I see it


  • The final product of both virtualization and automation
  • Pay as you go, or pay as you use model
  • lines items, services are categorized through service catalogue
  • Hardware Agnostic and that a key differentiator from Automation/virtualization
  • The cloud is the whole ecosystem and the final product of all orchestrated services, inelegance or HW behind it


The methodology of auto management of resources (HW/SW) in response to business changes


The layer where all HW is considered as one layer for multiple OS instances allocation controlled by what is called HyperVisor





Published by Moe Nada

I love what I do and I believe in human power that can passionately create miracles with the right affiliation and genuine thrive for accomplishment. My top excitement is always around startup businesses, I am always open to discuss any topic related to startups. I am a highly passionate technology professional with more than 15 years in the industry with distinguished record of key accounts management, customer success, customer support, program management, IT Service Management, knowledge management, people coaching, IT strategy management, mentoring and team building, with many reportedly transformational customer success stories.

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