Cloud vs virtualization

The concept of Cloud is yet still unclear to many people I work with, we are in 2013 now and the hype of the cloud is everywhere already. However, I still find myself in discussions about the differences of between cloud, Automation, virtualization..etc



I want to briefly define each of that in points the way I see it


  • The final product of both virtualization and automation
  • Pay as you go, or pay as you use model
  • lines items, services are categorized through service catalogue
  • Hardware Agnostic and that a key differentiator from Automation/virtualization
  • The cloud is the whole ecosystem and the final product of all orchestrated services, inelegance or HW behind it


The methodology of auto management of resources (HW/SW) in response to business changes


The layer where all HW is considered as one layer for multiple OS instances allocation controlled by what is called HyperVisor





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