Customer Success is now a must!

Shifting customer experience to new levels is a whole organizational strategic goal now, new customer approaches should be adopted where success managers continuously manage the relationship with the customer and coach/support all other account dealing stakeholders ( Sales, support, project management…etc)

The sales function has a fluctuating scope that depends entirely on the sales pipeline, thus we see the attention to the customer decreases after sealing deals and the focus shift to another customers and so on, which is not what modern customers would like to get!

Same goes for other functions, project managers focus on projects, support engineers focus on support cases…etc

The only function that will warrant a continuous engagement with the customer should be the customer success function

The chart below shows how customer success function (in yellow) provides the continues level of engagements that other functions cannot provide along a calendar year (Vs sales, support and project management)

  • The Y-axis shows the level of engagement along the year (out of 10)
  • The X-axis shows each role engagement distribution along the year (month by month)



Customer Success is going to be the core function that will be essential for all other roles to meet their goals, the importance of this function will increase soon as Customer Success Managers will be continously responsible of all customer facing activities more than anyone else!

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