What’s in for the HP Elitepad vs iPad

In a tremendously changing Technology industry, every year the game is changing and turning, from the Desktops to the laptops and now, to the pads!, we have reached the pad era then since more than 2 years!, not yet indeed but we have to admit that pads have eaten very big  part from the laptops Global Market Pie!

Apple has made it, Apple lead that change and made the highest benefit out of that, in a recent companies valuation, Apple achieved the most valuable technology company ahead of many usual big players, mainly because of the ipad

We are now approaching the end of 2012, Apple is leading the market of pads till now, the Android folks are really doing a very good job here, yet not ahead of Apple, but what about the big usual players?

Where is Microsoft, HP, Dell, Toshiba…etc?

In fact these companies faced very tough times producing laptops that are really nice and attractive, on the other hand, the average consumers (biggest part of the pie) are only running for the pads, in a shrinking profit margin situation, you’d either think about exiting right away (like IBM) or maintaining what you can sell with having some of the workforce back to their homes!

Microsoft were to blame, in a world only depending on Windows as an operating system, Apple came out with the amazing IOS capabilities that not only answered every average normal users requirements but exceeding it by far, other regular players were really helpless, waiting for Microsoft’s OS!! Even HP’s WebOS was not ready to compete (although it’s really a very good OS)

These companies were really (and still for sure) not in the best situation, a much decreasing market share and much more decreasing profit margins

Now, Microsoft has finally made it with the new Windows 8, the very long awaited OS from Microsoft, Windows 8 that has proved outstanding results till now

In this article I have picked one of the best (I guess it will be the best) competitors to the ipad made by the giant industry name, HP.

HP has announced the release date of its new product, the HP  Elitepad, I will try to briefly compare here and analyze what so ever about both products, 2013 is going to be really interesting, so let’s see!

Market current situation

What does the market need now? This is a very important question as we are approaching 2013, what a year! Has the market been saturated already with apple pads? Are people not accepting anything else but apple products?

In fact, the cycle of apple innovation is going to an end soon, I am not talking about the current apple I am talking about the current improvements that apple has made to the ipad and the iOS, in other words, what is the difference between iOS 4 and iOS 6?, the answer is nothing! Or may be some minor changes in the icons! May be adding two built-in products! And that’s what I am talking about

Ipad is something great that is not getting better anymore, here comes the market changes and the game starts to round-up!

Share of heart, Share of mind

Yes, busines marketing is still applicable! Apple’s share of the customers hearts and the customers minds were bounded to Steve Jobs, good or bad? I will not answer that now, but I need to ask here another question, why Bill Gates retired early from Microsoft? Did he need to have more time to spend money?!…In fact a great part of the reason for Bill Gates to retire was not to bind Microsoft to his name anymore! Microsoft is a company and a “Brand”, Bill Gates is a human being, what if Bill Gates died while he is the well known CEO of Microsoft? In fact may be nothing will happened but the “Brand” will be affected in people’s minds and hearts!

That’s what apple unintentionally did, Steve Jobs died, next iPhone is not what we were expecting, ipad 4 is released just after ipad3 by few months, nothing different even between the ipad 4 and ipad2! This is not Apple that we used to know, why? Because Steve Jobs died? Many customers will tend to say yes, and here lies the dilemma!

Apple has reached to an end in the innovation, thank you Apple you have made what the market was not expecting, now it’s a time for new comers! But in this market the small won’t get bigger easily, its time for the big players to come back

Ok, so the new HP ElitePad is not intended for the end average consumers, it’s an enterprise product, why only enterprise? Because Apple is not targeting its pads to the enterprises, (although many Apple applications have tried that before), with the limited iOS enterprise technology, Apple playground is not here, so its a very good starting land for HP!

Also HP applications are not yet ready to answer all the consumers diverse applications needs (Strongest point in Apple), But with ElitePad HP is aggressively hitting an area that Apple haven’t penetrated yet, an area that is still dominated by the IT normal giants


Let’s talk technical, please…!

Ok I always like to technical speaking myself! Let’s put main points 1st to Discuss and compare with the ipad

  • Battery life
  • Processor
  • Size, dimensions and display size
  • Design
  • Accessories

Battery life

For sure I can consider this as number 1 technical aspect ahead, you won’t be happy getting dropped off while doing anything on your pad just because you have been using your pad for 2 or 3 hours unplugged (laptops old concepts)

Apple made it, and now others are making it better! Apple ipad’s battery is Lithium ion polymer battery, lifetime of 10 hours video and 140 Audio playback, that was amazing (and still) but behind that remains some limitations that I really don’t like! Let’s see a dialogue I had with a friend of mine on other thing

–          Me: Do you need only a high power USB port to charge your ipad?

–          Friend: No, wrong, you can

–          Me: Yes, but I need only to have an apple PC that has high power USB slot, not a normal Windows PC

–          Friend: No, with normal windows PC you can

–          Me: Yes, but I  need to keep it plugged for more than 1 day because its not a high voltage USB!!

So, if you have normal windows laptop and you don’t like to grab your ipad charger everywhere, then you will really have hard time charging your ipad outdoors

What about the new HP Elitepad? How long will be the battery lifetime?

Well, HP mentioned that it will be 10 hours video playback time! Just like the ipad?! No, in fact its better, how better? Simply there is a new small little beautiful thing that HP has made called Smart Jacket, which can provide 8 hours extended usage, multiple peripheral connections (will come to that later), also you can charge it via a normal USB port (not high voltage)

So, with the battery life side, HP will provide longer, all way easier to charge yet powerfully extendable battery lifetime


In HP’s heart there is a 1.8 GHZ Atom Z2760 processor (backed with 2GB of memory)

Apple A6X 1.4 GHZ with no internal RAM packed with a graphics processing unit runs @ 300 MHZ

So the bottom line here is that HP processor is much better with multi-threading programs and windows applications, but the graphics part goes to Apple’s side with the processor

Size, dimensions and display size:

I only care here about these three aspects, in the simple table below I am putting them side by side:

Thickness Weight Display
HP Elitepad 900 9.2 mm 1.5  pounds 10.1 inch
Ipad 4 with LTE 9.4 mm 1.46 pounds 9.7 inch
Which is better? HP Apple HP

I guess the numbers are very close, numerically, HP’s numbers are better


I saw lots of companies packing android OS on HW selling kind of lower prices pads, for sure the price hits the quality of these pads, if you bought one of those you will definitely like to throw it away after less than one year!, edges get itchy, sometime the screen loses its brightness, terrible sound quality deterioration…etc

Apple’s design is really good, Aluminum backed with bright vivid touch screen, what about the ElitePad?

What HP says: “HP Elitepad uses stylish, premium materials such as CNC-machined aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It’s a tablet that balances a beautiful design with enterprise-grade features, functionality and support”, also matching US Army standards which gurantee very high durability

Well lets pick the word support here, the good new news is that the Elitepad comes with a small toolkit that enables the users to disassemble the Elitepad for upgrades and fixes if needed, very unique feature that I have not seen before in any of the current market available pads

This will be an easy to maintain product, which is something the Enterprise will definitely love! Not only the enterprise, but the end consumers as well, you don’t need to delete the media from your Pad, you can just open it and install extra storage, that’s new and useful!


Again we are speaking about a pad that is intended to the enterprise, of course this is not HP long term strategy, but the enterprise exposure is the 1st step, the Elitepad will have 3 beautiful pieces of accessories that could be used with it

  1. Docking Station

This is not innovative, it’s just a docking station where you can horizontally fix the pad on it, then connect it to the peripherals   you need, same as a laptop

ElitePad Docking station

   2.        Stylus

Oh yes, It’s so old thing, But no, in the pads industry it is not, at the enterprise this is very useful and what? NEW!

Don’t tell me anyone felt comfortable editing an excel sheet with his/her finger on the ipad!! Of course not, no digital handwriting though, so at the enterprise this is indeed very useful and productive


3.     Smart Jacket

This is new, innovative and beautiful!

It’s a wrapper that you put the Elitepad in, then you can enjoy connecting USB ports, add more 8 hours to your pad and more!

Smart Jacket

What’s new in Windows 8

One last part, I want to put in a quick points the unique features of the new windows 8 that are in yet in the iOS nor the Android

  • True multi-applications

Yes, you can open 2 (or more) applications in one panel at a time

  • Easier customization / personalization

Yes, much easier than the Android and definitely better that iOS

  • Much powerful utilities and better integration with popular Business applications

Yes, like the exchange, Sharepoint and MS word processing apps

The Elitepad is expected to hit the market in January 2013, before the middle of 2013 we will see this pad really a lot! Not only with professional people, but with end users as well, there is a lot of positive expectations about it with the end consumers as well, especially when integrating with the xbox! Yes it will!


Published by Moe Nada

I love what I do and I believe in human power that can passionately create miracles with the right affiliation and genuine thrive for accomplishment. My top excitement is always around startup businesses, I am always open to discuss any topic related to startups. I am a highly passionate technology professional with more than 15 years in the industry with distinguished record of key accounts management, customer success, customer support, program management, IT Service Management, knowledge management, people coaching, IT strategy management, mentoring and team building, with many reportedly transformational customer success stories.

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